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Keeping a bathroom clean and fresh will not only be more pleasing, but it will also help your health. Constant regular daily cleaning can greatly reduce the effort. Commercial bathroom cleaning should include a thorough cleaning and sanitation of all bathroom fixtures, including the inside and outside of toilets and urinals. In addition to cleaning the toilets themselves, the stalls or cubicles surrounding the toilets must also be sanitized. The cleaning service should also take care of the entire sink area, sanitizing the sinks, the area around the sinks, paper towel dispensers, and mirrors. Many janitorial services do not take measures to avoid cross contamination, perhaps they use the same rags on the bathroom fixtures and the entryway. The bacterial buildup in the restroom should remain in the restroom! Equipment for the purpose of restroom cleaning should be kept entirely separate from the equipment used to maintain the rest of the facility. Bathroom maintenance should also include the removal of all trash and liner replacement.

Top Sellers At Celtic

  1. 10 oz. Citrus Urinal Screen
  2. Commercial-Strength Urinal Pucks
  3. Zep 48 oz. Orange Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
  4. Gojo Orange Original .5 Gallon Pumice Hand Soap Pump
  5. Standard Bluel Urinal Screen
  6. Bleach Chlorine Antibacterial Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 1.25 oz
  7. Clorox Concentrated Scented Bleach
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