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Before you can decide on the most appropriate brush or broom, you need to consider the type of tasks you plan using them for. This is probably the most important step to considering a specific type of product because the type of bristles in the brush will be a determining factor based on their absorbency, durability, and scratch-resistant qualities.

A deck brush, for example, is able to come in contact with liquid. These are often used in conjunction with a mop and bucket as well as floor cleaners, detergents and solvents to get a surface clean. Because of this, they won't curl or mat after being submerged.

Truck wash brushes are more appropriate for cleaning vehicles because their soft bristle ends are gentle enough not to scratch auto exteriors or paint, but powerful enough to dispose of road salt, grime, and ground-in dirt. Meanwhile, the durable plastic blocks the bristles are mounted on are able to hold up in the toughest vehicle environments, including repair shops, garages, warehouses, docks, car washes and shipyards.

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