Exterior Protection

On large or small building projects, exterior protection can be crucial, especially in the harsh months of winter. Debris Netting is a high density knitted polyethylene mesh available with 50% & 70% shade factors, enhanced with U.V. inhibitors and available in both fire retardant and non-fire retardant.
SBN-22 is an open knit, high-density polyethylene mesh used for construction enclosures, jobsite protection, barrier guardrails, debris protection, scaffold enclosures and much more.  SBN-427 is a PVC coated polyester mesh netting with reinforced edges for maximum strength.  SBN-427 is available in Safety Orange for high visibility and is Flame Retardant in accordance to NFPA 701.  SBN-324 is heavy-duty debris netting with 1/16” hole-openings and reinforced buttonholes.   
Strong Wrap Scaffold Sheeting is an all-purpose weather enclosure designed to keep your workers safe and comfortable in the Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall.  Woven Poly is made from lightweight interwoven polyethylene strips with a U.V./water-resistant coating on both sides.

Top Sellers At Celtic

  1. Strong Wrap – Premium FR Reinforced Scaffold Sheeting – 7’6″ x 100′ White
  2. Strong Wrap – Premium FR Reinforced Scaffold Sheeting – 8’6 x 100′ White
  3. Heavy Duty12’x18′ Silver Tarps
  4. Economy 6′ x 8′ Brown Tarp
  5. SBN-22 High-Density Knitted Debris Netting – 4′ x 150′
  6. SBN-427 PVC Coated Polyester Mesh Netting – 4′ x 150′
  7. SBN-324 High Density Polyethylene Scaffold Netting – 8’6” x 150′
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