Monokote®, fireproofing backed by a global reputation, is a life-safety product designed to reduce the rate of temperature rise in steel or concrete in the event of a fire. This prolongs the structural integrity of the elements, which allows more people to leave a building in an emergency situation, and gives first responders time to save the building.

Top Sellers At Celtic

  1. Monokote Z-156/T
  2. 3M Fire Barrier Water Tight Sealant 1003 SL
  3. 3M Fire Barrier Rated Foam FIP 1-Step
  4. BOSS 814 Latex Firestop Sealant
  5. Monokote MK-6/GF
  6. BOSS 136 Firestop/Draft Sealant 136-05
  7. BOSS 813 Expanding Firestop Foam
  8. 3M Interam Endothermic Mat E-5A-4