Knaack Model 100 JOBMASTER Folding Rolling Cabinet 60.9 CU FT

The Model 100 JOBMASTER™ Folding Rolling Cabinet is a high-quality, locking tool cabinet that measures 65in high and approximately 60in to 125in wide. When fully opened, the industrial cabinet has a capacity of 60.9 cu ft for maximum storage space. It even boasts shelving for easy-access and convenient organization for tools, equipment, and other supplies. The metal tool cabinet’s shelves are 14in deep with a 1in hemmed lip and are welded in place with a 12-7/8in minimum spacing between shelves. A vertical storage area offers storage for hanging extension cords, clothing, and tool belts. With a load capacity of 1,000lbs, the mobile tool storage cabinet works well for commercial electricians, providing storage for small hardware and materials while on the job. A patented WATCHMAN® IV Lock System with 2-point latch and recessed lock housing ensures optimal theft-prevention for the locking rolling cabinet, keeping your equipment secure at all times. Made from 16-gauge fully arc-welded steel and finished with a corrosion-resistant, durable powder coat, the mobile tool cabinet offers long-term reliability. The industrial cabinet includes a 6in caster set.

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