Plywoods & OSB

Plywood gets its name from the way it is made. Thin layers of veneer thickness wood shaved from spruce and pine are stacked in layers or plies with its grain alternating in different directions. Each layer gets a coating of adhesive and the sheet is pressed until the glue cures then trimmed to size. Most general use plywood comes in 4-8 sheets and thicknesses from 1/8th of an inch to just over one inch. Some plywood like floor decking is available in a tongue and groove end and T1 Siding will use a lap joint. Interior plywood normally comes in a but joint with flat ends which is preferred for cabinet making.

Top Sellers At Celtic

– Sanded- AC/BC/AB
– Sheathing CDX
– Underlayment – Subflooring
– OSB – Waferboard, Advantech
– Fir & Pine
– Hardwoods – Birch, Oak, Cherry, Walnut (Architectural)
– Forming – HDO, MDO
– MDF – Ultralight
– Lauan
– Wiggle Board
– T1-11 Siding
– Fire Retardant
– Pressure Treated

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